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      1. Hengfeng-Material

        Hengfeng Paper selects and integrates high quality raw materials from responsible sources all over the world according to its expertise, which makes its product quality guaranteed from very beginning. Strict regulation and procedure has been applied on supplier approval and raw materials control.


        Hengfeng Paper is capable to synthesize some special materials which is necessary for its specialty paper production, these materials are also controlled according to international quality and safety regulations.   

        All additives and fillers are controlled in accordance with international standards, thanks to professional team and full analysis capability. The company also requests and helps its suppliers to maintain quality consistency as well as the traceability of their materials.
        Wood pulp is purchased from FSC-certified suppliers. As a responsible enterprise, the company requests its suppliers the same and adhere to the path of sustainable development. 
        The company is always thinking about impact of its production activities to environment. A continuous improvement project has been carried out on lower consumption, more recycle and environment friendly.