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      1. Hengfeng-Measurement

        Hengfeng Paper is proud of its professional capability on physical test and chemical analysis, which is certified by China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment. This is a powerful support to its R&D activities and systematic quality monitoring from raw materials to finished products.


        The company is expert in monitoring the condition of whole wet part of paper machine, by which they are able to see the retention rate and if the condition is suitable for perfect papermaking.
        All key quality specification and whole production process are being monitored and controlled by online automation systems.

        Product quality is controlled and guaranteed through full range of comprehensive tests in accordance with our professional sampling plan or the one provided by clients. You name it, they do it.
        In new product development stage, the company analyzes characteristics and controls safety of raw materials. Started from sheeting, followed by pilot machine trial, together with test results reference, all is well prepared in the laboratory in order to practice its thinking in normal production.

        Perfect integration its expertise and appropriate instruments, allows the company to do full analysis of raw materials and additives in accordance with safety regulations, and analyze the physical, chemical and microbial properties of the products.