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      1. Hengfeng-Machine

        Effective tool is a must for good work. Hengfeng Paper has been investing continuously on paper machinery which keeps its machines synchronous with customer needs and capable to practice its innovation activities.
        Customized solution is guaranteed by different type of professional machines, such as fourdrinier machine, inclined wire machine, Yankee machine and vat machine as well as our off line converting and printing capabilities.  


        Information technology has been applied in entire enterprise management which contributes an orderly business operation with higher efficiency.


        The company has textile pulping plant to guarantee stable supply of high quality textile pulp, which is essential to meet the requirement of some specialty papers.   
        Customized solution initiates from a valuable idea, which is followed by professional engineering, laboratory test, pilot trial, trial production and mass production.
        Supported by its own supply systems of electricity, water and steam, which gives a stable and quality energy supply to its machines.

        All machines maintained by its professional team supported by diagnostic tools and capability of roller grinding, machining and repairing etc.