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      1. Hengfeng - Manpower


        Initiated from tobacco papers since 1952, Hengfeng Paper has been focusing on professional papermaking of thin specialty papers, which makes itself the expert in this field. 


        Papermaking is a comprehensive technology, the company has entire professional team which is competent for process engineering, chemicals research, materials safety analysis, quality control, machine maintenance, mechanical processing and other necessary fields, thanks to them, product quality consistency is guaranteed.



        The company has been working with many universities and research institutes to meet its challenge and practice the latest technology in its production.


        Manpower is the first element for enterprise innovation. Hengfeng Paper motivates its employees to present their innovative ideas, among which many remarkable and fruitful achievements have been reached. After a long history of innovative development, innovation has become tradition and blood of the company. Research and development is not only to meet present challenge of our customers, but also to be well prepared for future.   


        Customer needs leads the company’s innovation. Hengfeng Paper cooperates with customers in all process of products and provide them with innovative solutions.