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      1. Hengfeng-Method


        There is no method always applicable because the world is changing. Innovation based on inheritance is the theme that never change. Hengfeng Paper keeps changing dynamically in its business operation in order to be capable forever to meet customer challenge and provide them optimized solution.

        Innovative research method has been used and integrated into the enterprise management, such as QFD, affinity graph, priority matrix, benchmarking, multiple matrix analysis, reliability management etc.

        Information technology and mass data analysis is applied in all parts of company management, such as finance, procurement, inventory, orders, production and laboratory etc, which has contributed a more accurate and effective data reference for the management.  
        Customer-driven management has been established to realize market awareness and customer satisfaction. The motivation of all its innovation comes from customer needs or a valuable idea. 
        Lean production and continuous improvement is the habit of responsible enterprise, which is supported by constant innovation in each link of supply chain. The interaction and integration between the company’s goal and customer requirement, which makes their develop together. 

        Effective cooperation and communication is a must for a successful company. Many headaches of its clients has been solved rapidly by its cross-functional team work and good cooperation with universities and research institutes.