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        The second employee basketball game passionately started

        Date: Mar 5, 2022 Source: Browse: 1865
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        On December 25 and 26, the second employee basketball game of "detonating basketball charm and achieving team brilliance" was enthusiastically started on the basketball court of Hengfeng sports center.

        The "three-players" game is selected for the first time in this basketball game. Each team has 7 players, and a total of 19 branches or joint teams have signed up for the game. There are 17 participating teams, which is the largest number of participating teams in history. Each team member shall actively participate in the daily training before the competition. On the competition day, the players came to the stadium early to warm up. On the court, the players presented a basketball feast for everyone by comparing skills, cooperation and team spirit.

        After fierce competition, Papermaking branch 2 and Automation Branch in Group A, Papermaking Branch 5 and Papermaking branch 4 in Group B, Administrative branch, Thermal power branch in Group C, Management Branch and Papermaking Branch 7 in Group D respectively won the qualification of next round. According to the event arrangement, five out of the eight teams will enter the cross knockout and the competition for the first, second and third place on January 2 and 3, 2022.

        Another news: In order to further enrich the spare time life of staff, build a broader employee communication platform, to cultivate the employees' enterprising spirit, efforts to build a harmonious pleasant business atmosphere, the labor union has provided strong support for various cultural and sports associations for a long time. Encourage employees to actively participate in fitness activities, adjust their body and mind, strengthen their physique, and devote themselves to various tasks with a full mental state. During the year, while doing a good job in epidemic prevention and control, various cultural and sports association activities were carried out on a regular basis. Up to now, there have been 162 badminton association activities, 114 volleyball association activities, 116 basketball association activities, and 8 team bonding organized by employee groups. Through the activities, the employees have a rich and colorful leisure cultural life, the awareness of sports and fitness has been gradually improved, and the team spirit has been significantly enhanced.