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      1. About us

        "Research and application project of chlorine-free hemp fiber bleaching Technology" has been listed as a key provincial R & D project in 2021 by the Department of science and technology of Heilongjiang Province

        Date: Mar 5, 2022 Source: Browse: 1891
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          Following the realization of complete chlorine-free bleaching of hemp fiber pulping, the research and application project of chlorine-free bleaching technology of hemp fiber was reviewed by relevant experts of Mudanjiang science and Technology Bureau and provincial science and technology department. Finally, it was listed as the provincial key R & D plan project in 2021 by the provincial science and technology Department to support enterprises in the research and development of environment-friendly pulping technology.

        On the basis of inheriting its own hemp fiber pulping technology, the project realizes all chlorine-free bleaching of hemp fiber, filling the technical gap of all chlorine free bleaching of hemp fiber in China.