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      1. About us

        The 2021 Hengfeng Group Education Award Fund donation ceremony was held in Donghua Primary School

        Date: Mar 5, 2022 Source: Browse: 1856
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        On the morning of October 13, the campus of Mudanjiang Donghua Primary School was filled with joy and laughter, warmth and love everywhere. At 10:00 a.m., "Heart and hand together, let love pass, Hengfeng & Donghua Build dreams and look forward to the future" 2021 Hengfeng Paper Group Education Award Fund donation ceremony was held in the Multimedia function room of Donghua Primary School. Xu Xiang, party secretary and chairman of the Group, Liu Shujie, Deputy Party secretary, Zhang Wei, chairman of the Labor Union, Lu Xiaohong, principal of No. 15 Middle School and Liu Ke, principal of Donghua Primary School attended the donation ceremony with the leaders of the two schools. Liu Junlong, vice Mayor of Mudanjiang City government, Zhang Dawei, party Secretary and director of Mudanjiang Education Bureau, and LV Wentao, deputy director attended the event. Journalists from Mudanjiang News media Group and some representatives of parents, teachers and students attended the donation ceremony.

        The donation ceremony began with the opening dance "Colorful Childhood". The performers included the parents of the newly enrolled students from Hengfeng Group. The school-enterprise fellowship, home-school cooperation & exchange and integration brought everyone together. Liu Ke, the principal of Donghua Primary school, delivered a welcoming speech, expressing his deep respect for Hengfeng Paper Group's persistence in carrying out fund donation and student aid activities for many years, practicing social responsibility with great love of enterprises and helping the development of education with entrepreneurial feelings, and expressing that only by leading all teachers to work hard and firmly, do the most sacred cause under the sun and run education to the satisfaction of the people, It is the most glorious mission of Donghua people and the best feedback for enterprise assistance and social attention. The student's "paper art" show, combined with the school-based paper art course, continues the "green environmental protection concept" of Hengfeng group and presents a unique paper art feast; At the ceremony, the school invited Liu Junlong, Zhang Dawei, LV Wentao, Xu Xiang, Liu Shujie and Zhang Wei to jointly present awards to the winners of "Donghua excellent teacher award" and "Donghua Outstanding Youth Award"; In the interview program, teachers, students and parents shared the heartwarming journey of Hengfeng Paper Group over the past ten years with heartfelt words and touching stories.

        At the donation ceremony, Xu Xiang, on behalf of Hengfeng Paper Group, donated "Hengfeng Group Education Award Fund" a total of 300,000 yuan to the 15th Middle School and Donghua Primary school respectively, fulfilling social responsibilities with practical actions, "Doing practical things for the masses" and practicing the purpose of "Social Satisfaction".

        The two schools will also return the paper art works and painting works created by teachers and students to the company, wish the company sustainable development, draw a more brilliant blueprint, the blessing is real and profound.
        At the end of the ceremony, the allegri dance "Hengfeng & Donghua Build dreams" interprets the concept of that it takes ten years to grow trees, but a hundred to cultivate people, one hundred years of plans, education as the foundation, and the childlike voice expresses the feelings of Donghua Primary School and Hengfeng Group to work together to spread love and build a dream for the future.
        Over the years, the company has never forgotten to give back to society. Since the establishment of the "Hengfeng Education Award Fund" in 2008, the company has invested in successive years to help the corresponding primary and secondary schools improve the education and teaching environment, reward and subsidize teachers and students, and help Donghua Primary School and No.15 Middle School to become famous schools in eastern Mudanjiang City.