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        Ordinary heroes, everyone is great

        Date: Mar 02, 2021 Source: Browse: 4263
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        For a period of time, influenced by COVID-19, blood collection in Mudanjiang has dropped significantly, especially since the large group has been shot with COVID-19 vaccine, and the daily blood volume is 15000 milliliters. In order to ensure the clinical use of blood, the whole city launched the group free blood donation activities.
        Hengfeng Paper actively responded to the call of Mudanjiang pandemic prevention office and further practiced the tenet of "social satisfaction". The company's Party committee, trade union and Communist Youth League jointly issued an initiative to carry out the "Fight against pandemic in the blood, Hengfeng love in life" as the theme of the group free blood donation activities. After the notice was issued, the party members and cadres, group cadres and employees of the company responded positively, fully demonstrating Hengfeng people's enthusiasm and responsibility for social public welfare.
        Let's pay tribute to these ordinary heroes, the great Hengfeng people!