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        Vaccine inoculation against Covid-19

        Date: Mar 18, 2021 Source: Browse: 4419
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        On the afternoon of March 17, more than 310 employees of Hengfeng Paper completed the vaccination against Covid-19 in community health care center. So far, the company has completed vaccination of nearly 1500 employees in three batches, which is 64% of total number of its employees. Except for some employees who do not participate in the vaccination due to personal reasons, the company has taken all necessary measures to protect its employees during epidemic period.
        Since the beginning of the year, the company has been actively communicating with Municipal National Protection Agency, Health Commission, Industry and Information Technology Commission and other departments to vigorously promote the vaccination of the company's employees. With the strong support of the municipal Party committee, municipal government and relevant departments, the company started to promote this work in batches in early March. In the process of promoting the full vaccination, the pandemic prevention and Control Office of the company carefully organized and actively contacted the community health service center, reported the staff information and sorted out the vaccination data. The pandemic prevention and control information administrators at all levels played an active role, seriously conveyed the vaccination precautions, organized the orderly vaccination of their staff on site, helped the company to promote the vaccination work, and provided comprehensive support for the company which has laid the foundation for fighting against the pandemic situation and ensuring the realization of production and operation objectives.